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Creationism and Intelligent Design are hardly synonymous (and neither are an excuse to get “religion” back in the classroom).  For Intelligent Design Creationism is merely one explanation for the designer. From Creationism’s perspective Intelligent Design is a subset of a Creationist understanding of the origins of things. But Creationism can go far beyond Intelligent Design since all the information in the Bible is available to it.

Intelligent Design argues for the position of science to an understanding of a creative being, where Creationism starts with God, the creative force of the Bible and argues to the position of science.  Because of that all of the Biblical record is relevant to the Creationist.  Not only the record of creation in Genesis 1 & 2, but also other records that explain the nature of life, such as the fall of man have distinct scientific implications. If God made Adam perfect, then He made him genetically perfect. When Adam fell he became genetically imperfect as well. It would be an interesting study from a Creationist standpoint to see the “scars” of this genetic change in light of recent findings in DNA research.

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