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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 | Author:

There is a curious paradox concerning the nature of life and its diversity, in that although the species are so complex and variegated they are also extremely resilient to change.  If change is what fuels the evolutionary engine why are species so stubborn in their insistence in staying a particular species?

The fruit fly, a case in point.  This poor creature has been  the victim  of every sort of genetic manipulation imaginable, the result being always a fruit fly, albeit a odd, freakish one at that.  No matter how its genes are sliced, diced or manipulated it always comes up a fly.  This points to the explanation of genetic modification as “the” means of change being an insufficient one. 

As many have pointed out the genetic code and its implementation in the cell is merely a part of the overall mechanics required for the cell’s functioning.  The cell begins as a immensely complex machine with a multitude of interdependent processes and not a strand of DNA.  More and More, as the inner workings are known by science, the inner relatedness and inner dependence of all the parts is becoming clearer. 

Of course this is exactly opposite of what a Darwinian explanation would like to see.  An Evolutionary model requires a mailable, fluid quality to life to allow for the immensity of change that is needed for the diversity of life we observe. 

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