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Out of the abundance of information contained in the first chapter of Genesis, this site attempts to elucidate three points:

1.  In the phrase found in verse 12 of Genesis 1, “whose seed was in itself, after his kind” there are tremendous truths to unfold.  God created living things with self-propagation built in, the seed is in itself or it is self-seeding.  Evolutionary theory has not a clue how the first cell appeared and how it began to reproduce itself.  The reason being is it is an impossible job for a random process, like evolution, to produce.  Also it was to be “after its kind” or in the Septuagint the Greek word “genos” or genus.  God established the genus when He created living things and they have stuck stubbornly in these classifications ever since.  (see Biblical Framework for ID)

2.  Creation is only used in 3 verses in Genesis chapter 1.  It is used in verse 1 when God created the original heaven and earth.  It is used in verse 21 when He created soul life in whales, etc.  And it is used in verse 27 when He created man in His own image.  The word “create” is used, in the biblical sense, meaning to bring into existence that which has never existed.  The 6 days of creation, then, is a misnomer.  Each day starts with “God said”; God spoke and matter obeyed.

3.  Verse 2 of Genesis chapter 1 speaks about how the earth “became” without form and void.  It is illogical to think that a perfect God created everything in disarray and then spent the next 6 days cleaning it up and this theological view was not always as popular.  This Bible says “in the beginning”, whether that is 10 thousand years or 10 billion, it is still in the beginning.

The following Bibles all reflect an interpretation of Genesis 1:2 more prevalent in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  They are all study Bibles that had an account of Genesis more common in that time, that is that the earth “became” without form and void.   They did not believe that the earth was created that way and certainly did not believe it was created in 6 days.