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The Intelligent Design folks seem to be getting it from both sides. On the one hand the evolutionists are wringing their hands and decrying the fact that ID would think of including the voluminous data pre-loaded into the most basic cell as a criterion of scientific study. These assaults are to be expected. But on the other side is the Christian community, which is laying various forms of allegations (usually with the words sinner or worse in them) on the ID community because they do not name the Intelligence behind Intelligent Design. This appears to stem from a lack of understanding of a) the individuals making up the ID community and b) the purpose of ID itself.

The ID community seems to make no beef about their religious beliefs (and they are many and variegated) in interviews. They have, individually, expressed their views on the teleological implications of the ID methodology.

But it is the methodology that is the focal point of the ID movement. The attempt to demonstrate that knowledge (and particularly the knowledge in the cell) is, with matter and energy, a valid subject for scientific investigation. That the front loading of information in living things, irreducible complexity and other aspects of a priori knowledge found in the cosmos are valid topics of scientific study.