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Thursday, May 28th, 2009 | Author:

To be creationist or to adhere to creationism does not make one “unscientific”, but rather asserts that one understands that God created the laws of the universe that science is the study of. A creationist believes that there is a harmony between scientific evidence and the scriptures since both speak of God’s works.  This creationist site deals with the scripture primarily and secondarily how it relates to science.

There is information regarding the Book of Genesis, Intelligent Design, faith and a community section which provides a means of registration and additional resources. The Word is truth and therefore the point of origin and standard for anything we need to know anything about, including the origin of things created.

Intelligent Design theory has done much to demonstrate the fallacy of evolution.  Behind and beyond this movement is the wonder of nature itself in it’s magnificent complexity.  All of our understanding of the subject of God’s creation is meaningless if we do not come to know the Creator Himself. God’s most wonderous work is the one He will do in you when you know and accept His plan of salvation.

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