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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 | Author:

The intellectually fulfilled creationist does not have to “give anything up” in order to believe the Bible’s record of Creation. The Bible and science do not have to be at cross purposes. We certainly don’t have to “take it on faith” rather than “be scientific”. In fact because there is no contradiction between the Bible and science, both being God’s works, the creationist is in a position to gain many key insights that would not be possible for the materialist.

An intellectual world view does not preclude a Biblical world view, rather a Biblical view opens up the world to new forms of study.  The great scientific minds (prior to Darwin) believed they were looking at the handywork of God.  The great insights and the advancements that were made were due in part to the world view of the scientists and thinkers of that time. Once again men and women in the scientific community are going back to that foundation for their study and most assuradly the results will demonstrate the wisdom of their convictions.
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