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A stunning look at the miracle of the butterfly life cycle.  This video, to an extent, harkens back to the Moody Institute videos, in that it brings to light the majestic wonder of God’s amazing creatures.  Just watching this documentary demonstrates how evolutionary theory is wholly unable to even begin to explain how butterflies came into existence.  The butterfly requires a 4 stage life cycle, starting with an egg and proceeding to a caterpillar and then into the chrysalis stage and finally the butterfly.  The chrysalis stage is particularly vexing for evolutionists since it requires the destruction of many of the organs of the caterpillar (and the transformation of the rest) to provide the raw materials out of which the butterfly is formed.  As is mentioned in the video this requires a teleological, forward looking, process to account for the destruction of one organism to allow for the formulation of an entirely new one.  This ability to have the goal in mind during the process is something which is, by definition, impossible for a Darwinian explanation to account for.  Darwinian processes are random and undirected by their very nature, blind to the outcome of the process.

Below is the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly showing how one organism (the caterpillar) goes in and another completely different one (the butterfly) comes out.  The video pulls from the expertise of many scientists to explain what we know (which is still very limited) about this amazing process.




The last part of the video documents the Monarch butterfly and its amazing annual cycle of life.  This butterfly’s life cycle is even more miraculous than other butterfly species, in that it involves travailing thousands of miles in the spring and summer, following the milkweed growth northward stating in Texas and ending in southern Canada.  Then in the fall they migrate by the millions back to Mexico to winter.  This process involves many generations of monarchs, meaning it is the great, great grandchildren of the previous migratory monarchs that make the next flight to Mexico.  How they make a migration of 3,000 miles to the same wintering sites, a site they have never seen before, in Mexico or how the final generation live 9 times longer than the preceding ones to survive until the spring, are still a mystery.  Innumerable irreducibly complex systems need to be in place in this little butterfly for it to exist, a problem that Darwin can not explain, but the Bible can.

In the video Ann Gauger mentions the gratuitous nature of the butterfly’s beauty.  This is something that evolution cannot explain (shouldn’t they all assume the green color of the plants they live on to better survive like the Darwinian moth theory).  But God has given us thousands of species of butterfly, and each a work of art, if for no other reason than the wonder in the eyes of a child holding one for the first time.  Only a loving God would provide such a wealth simply for us to enjoy and to point to Him as its creator.

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