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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 | Author:

The fall of man had far reaching effects.  One of those being that mankind, that was created perfect, was now fallen and imperfect.  Part of that imperfection has to be genetic and the study of “genetic irregularities” may be insightful in understanding the implications genetically of that fall. When one looks at even the most basic cell there is an amazing orchestration of processes constantly at work. The complexity and integration of these processes is still far beyond the reach of modern science. But yet in this marvelous machine occasional errors crop up, inconsistencies in the genetic replication process. Evolutionists have taken these flaws in living things (genetic copy errors) and tried to turn them into a creative force (the formulation of new living beings), a job they are not well suited for. Man will stay in this fallen state until the Lord returns and we will not be bound by this imperfect environment any longer, for we will be like Him for we shall see Him “as He is”.

Another one of the aspects of genetics that makes this so interesting is what could be called “Genetic Resiliency”, or the ability of the species to stay a species. Regardless of the genetic copying problems and the many mutations undergone, species seem to want to stay basically the same over time. As David Berlinski states in the “Icons of Evolution” video “we should have far more… plasticity” genetically if Darwin’s ideas are true.  The Creationist understands that God created life “after its kind” and would expect this resiliency. It is this impervious nature of species to change that makes the many mistakes in genetic reproduction such an interesting topic. On the one hand an imperviousness to change and on the other a partially broken mechanism.  The future of genetic research will provide some very interesting information.


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