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Tuesday, August 04th, 2015 | Author:

Life at the molecular level

Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box has opened the eyes of many in the scientific community and elsewhere to the tremendous sophistication of even the most basic functions within a cell. It has also opened a near war about the adequacy of evolution as an explanation of the origin of life. This book sets forth in a logical manner the ‘why’ of life at the biochemical level and that it could not have “evolved”. His primary tenant is that there are systems that are irreducibly complex, meaning that they are an enclosed system with all the functionality contained therein required to sustain life. Because they are irreducibly complex they, by definition, could not have evolved, for each function of this system is necessary to sustain life and therefore could not have been added from a less complex system. It?s a great book and a good read, from a very learned man in his field.

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