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This ID documentary opens with a brain-storming meeting at the Pajaro Dunes organized by one of ID’s founders Phillip Johnson and attended by, among others, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Paul Nelson, Jonathan Wells and Stephen Meyer who would be at the center of the Intelligent Design movement.  This video was written by Stephen Meyer and shows, using both approachable concepts and beautiful graphics, the case ID makes against a Darwinian origin of life.

Beautiful computer animation takes you into the cell, to show how the DNA and protein in the cell function in a remarkably complex way.  The animations show the protein production process from start to finish.  It show visually how the hundreds of megabytes of data in the DNA are converted to the proteins that perform the work in the cell.

The concept of “Irreducible Complexity” put forth in Behe’s book “Darwin’s Black Box” is applied to the bacterial flagellum.  Irreducible Complexity, is a term applied to a system in a living organism that cannot evolve since each part is necessary for it’s functioning.  These systems, like the bacterial flagellum, defy evolutionary explanation since each part is necessary for the flagellum to operate and could not have evolved over time.

The concepts in Meyer and Dembski’s books are also explained in simple terms by the authors themselves with graphics and examples from the real world.  Darwinian evolution, it’s limits and areas where it does not provide solutions are explained in clear terms.

This is a tremendous video, appropriate for the creationist and for those who are still searching for explanations for how and why we are here.

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