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Darwin considered the fossil record the biggest threat to his theory of evolution. The Cambrian fossil record shows an explosion of new, complex organisms in almost a split second of geological time. Despite the recent glut of explanations for the “Big Bang” of life on this planet, the fossil records of the countless intermediary body plans leading up to the Cambrian organisms still are not there, and without a plethora of “branching tree” fossils, all the evolutionists are presenting is more smoke and mirrors and tectonic shifts.

This video contains the same excellent quality animations this production company is known for, this time bringing to life the Cambrian fossils. And again the ID team explain in clear terms the latest findings of geological data.

Charles Darwin realized that the fossil evidence did not support his theory, but assumed that further exploration would prove his theory of gradual, step-by-step evolution to be true. But exactly the opposite has been born out over the last 150 years of geological excavations and the intermediary plans required for his theory have just not been found, the ramifications of which this documentary clearly lays out. This documentary goes around the globe to show what the most recent geological work has come up with, including the Chenjiang, China fossils, which gained so much public recognition. Once again, more bad news for the Darwinist’s.

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